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Imagine if you can build and run an application without taking care of any servers anymore from provisioning, scaling and managing. Developers can now stay focused on simply development with Serverless architecture. Empowered by Cloud services, developers can now build various types of application whereas the backend operation of servers, scaling, availability, reliability and management are taken care by Cloud service providers. One of the popular serverless services is AWS Lambda.

Why Use Serverless?

Better Scalability

Your application can be automatically scaled up or down by adjusting its capacity through toggling the units of consumption rather than units of individual servers.

Low Operational Cost

Serverless takes care of the infrastructure so developers can focus on the server-side code that matters & takes less computing power and human resources to reduce cost.

No Server Management

There is no need to provision or maintain any servers all are managed by the vendor. As a Serverless App Development Company, we take care of all the runtime to install, maintain, or administer services.

Quick Deployments & Updates

There is no need to upload code to servers or do any backend configuration developers just need to make some changes and upload bits of code to quickly update patch, add or release new products.

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